Spooktacular Competition
October 16, 2021

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Event NumberIDEventSkater(s)
0001AwardsAll Skaters
0011Compulsory MovesPresley Rosa
0021Snowplow Sam - ElementsJackson Spivey
0031Compulsory MovesMariah Bush
0041SpinsLillian Olig
0051Solo DanceConnor Allan
0061Basic 3Elliana Spivey
0071Basic 4Sienna Piro
0072Basic 4Danica Six
0073Basic 4Addison Tanner
0081Basic 5Campbell Thornton
0091Basic 6Rilynn Rosa
0101Free Skate - PreNadia Unocic
0102Free Skate - PreSofia Six
0111Free Skate 1Dorothy Du
0112Free Skate 1Emily Zhu
0113Free Skate 1Kinsley Robinson
0121Free Skate 3Zoey Dhom
0131Free Skate 4Presley Rosa
0141Showcase - Dramatic EntertainmentLillian Olig
0142Showcase - Dramatic EntertainmentAudra Nelson
0151Showcase - Dramatic EntertainmentMariah Bush
0161Showcase - Light EntertainmentJanie Bales
0171Showcase - Light EntertainmentAmi Weaver
0181Showcase - DuetKate Johnson - Connor Allan
0191Showcase - Dramatic EntertainmentRilynn Rosa
0201Showcase - Dramatic EntertainmentMarielle Leveille
0211Showcase - DuetCampbell Thornton - Sienna Piro
0221Showcase - DuetPresley Rosa - Lillian Olig
0222Showcase - DuetScarlett Glasby - Sofia Six
0223Showcase - DuetAubrey Chastain - Sophia Caja
0231Free Skate - PrePreliminaryKate Johnson
0241Free Skate - PrePreliminaryEmily Spires
0251Free Skate - No TestChloe Lui
0252Free Skate - No TestIsaac Godo
0261Free Skate - PreliminaryAda LaRose
0271EnsembleDebut Ice Theatre
0281ExhibitionMaddie Darby - Kelly Steele
0282ExhibitionAmeliya Godo - Tait Light
0283ExhibitionBonnie Dudley
0284ExhibitionLimelight Team